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Words from the Superintendent History Annual report Objectives Organization General Status Prospects Pre-registration News Health education
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Words from the Superintendent
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Words from the Superintendent

Growing from Heartfelt Services

Prof. Yang Chyun-Yu

 Superintendent of NCKU Hospital

Our well-beloved and respected Professor Lin Pin-wen, superintendent of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Hospital, passed away on November 5th, 2012. I was appointed the next day by Professor Huang Huang-hui, NCKU President, as Acting Superintendent in addition to my position of Deputy Superintendent supervising medical administration. Even though my three years’ experience working as an assistant to Professor Lin familiarized me with both the institutional business and the day-to-day healthcare operations, obtaining the superintendency at a time like this is a daunting call of duty that I am going to answer with utter sincerity, and with an aim to keep the Hospital moving steadily toward a better future.  

NCKU Hospital is the medical facility to which Professor Lin dedicated his entire career, as well as a place where colleagues bond with each other like a family. It is our responsibility to turn our memories of Professor Lin into actions that brings the Hospital to a higher level. Inspired by Professor Lin’s unstoppable devotion to those stricken with illness, to patient care, and to the Hospital, which he considered as his second home, our current priorities and the beliefs are stated as follows:

1.             Improving healthcare quality through hospital-wide cooperation for the upcoming accreditation review:

I am hereby asking the entire staff to make all-out preparations for the upcoming hospital accreditation review, in order to attain the best performance. What makes hospital accreditation, a tool and a process of external peer assessment, so significant and valuable is that it enables hospitals to conduct internal restructuring in the pursuit of improvement. Preparing for an accreditation review is a process of self-improvement, through which a hospital re-examines and re-assesses every detail of its structure, processes and outcomes genuinely. Moreover, management, patient care, medical education and research programs shall be enhanced with greater effectiveness.

2.             Strengthening the NCKU healthcare system with extensive recruitment and intensive training efforts:

NCKU Hospital expanded into the Yunlin and Chiayi areas years ago with the ambition to serve society on a broader scale, with people in both regions offered national university-level services by its Douliu branch. Meanwhile, its partnership with Tainan Hospital has led to better, more efficient healthcare services not only through a close-knit, resource-sharing community, but also a re-engineering plan that adds simplicity and accessibility to the service processes. Such an inter-hospital collaboration initiative, combined with a two-way referral system, ensures patients the most proper medical attention that satisfies their needs. In 2013, we plan to strengthen our services, both quality and quantity-wise, and expand recruitment and training efforts to create a win-win situation for both the patients and the Hospitals.

3.             Pursuing excellence as a national university-affiliated hospital through continuously improved medical education and research programs:

The equal emphasis on education, research and services is among NCKU Hospital’s founding principles, as well as the inherent strength of a national university-affiliated hospital. With a heritage passed down from our previous superintendents, we are considered Taiwan’s best teaching hospital as a result of the exceptional quality of medical education. Under Professor Lin’s leadership over the past three years, NCKU Medical Center has a remarkable expansion in research capacity with the support from NCKU and its medical college. It is increasingly well-equipped with funding and incentive measures offered by the National Science Council, as well as by the Department of Health, to encourage research efforts among the staff, as evidenced by the core research laboratory established using external resources. I will follow in my predecessors’ footsteps to offer fine-quality patient care based on the foundation of our education and research results.  

4.             Promoting sustainable growth from the provision of heartfelt services and gaining the public’s trust:

While technological advances leading to an ever-changing healthcare landscape that drives up the general public’s expectations for physicians, medical practices in Taiwan are becoming more complex under the National Health Insurance framework. Changes in the external circumstances, however, do not change the fact that medical care involves professional healthcare solutions offered on an interpersonal basis in its nature. In other words, the primary duty of medical workers is more than just treating physical disorders; it is providing patients with the best possible services and giving them a sense of security by resolving doubts. In a persistent commitment to carrying out social responsibility, we shall always provide top-quality medical services to those who place their health and trust in our hands.

For 28 years, NCKU Hospital has thrived under the dedications, contributions and efforts of its wholehearted staff, and gained a considerable number of international accolades. We never failed to stay open-minded about criticism, which serves as a driving force for further improvement. I firmly believe that winning the general public’s trust has been, and always will be, what spurs our hospital to success.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all members of this big family for your efforts. I welcome your opinions, positive or negative, in order to achieve a brighter future.







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