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Words from the Superintendent History Objectives Organization General Status Prospects Pre-registration News Health education
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appearance of hopspitalNational Cheng Kung University Hospital(the Hospital)is a national hospital and was established in 1980. The Hospital was constructed in 1985 and formally opened to the public on June 12, 1988. The Hospital is a building of steel and cement with 12 floors above ground and two floors underground. The whole building area is 112,860 square meters, or 34,140 pings. The west is Sheng Li Road; the north is Dong Feng Road; the south is Xiao Dong Road. The Hospital is in the Northern District of Tainan City with convenient traffic and a booming and profound cultural life. With outstanding physicians at the Hospital, we provide medical, educational and research services showing excellent achievement. Since opening, our finance was self-sufficient under both the Labor Insurance system and self-paid medical services. However, after thoroughly implemented both National Health Insurance in March 1994 and the outstanding program of Autonomous Management in August 2004, the operation of Hospital has had to be adjusted accordingly. We have proudly adapted to the changes well. Our financial management is excellent, and the Hospital is accredited to be the model of excellent operation in Taiwan that other medical centers can learn from.
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Superintendents and Duration



Dai, Dong-Yuan


Shu, Cheng

Acting  Superintendent


Shu, Cheng


Huang, Ko-En


Yeh, Tsu-Fuh



Acting  Superintendent


Chen, Jyh-Hong


Lin, Pin-Wen


Yang, Chyun-Yu

Acting  Superintendent

2012.11.6 2013.07.31

Yang, Chyun-Yu

2013.08.01 present



No.138,Sheng Li Road,Tainan, Taiwan 704, R.O.C.   Tel:886-6-2353535
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